Testing Process and Insurance Coverage

The MyPath Melanoma and DiffDx-Melanoma testing process is straightforward. The required sample is taken from tissue previously removed during your biopsy, so there is no need for another procedure. Once completed, test results are sent directly to your healthcare provider and will be interpreted based on your individual situation along with other information and procedures.

Step 1

Test is

Step 2

Specimen Collected from Lab

Step 3


Step 4

Discuss Results with Your Healthcare Provider

Insurance Coverage

Castle Biosciences works with all insurance providers, including Medicare, commercial insurers, and the VA, to secure payment coverage for the MyPath Melanoma and DiffDx-Melanoma test. Castle will submit insurance claims on behalf of patients and provide them with an update on claim processing status. The company also sponsors an industry-leading Patient Assistance Program with the belief that quality care should not depend on financial considerations.

To get more information, call 866-788-9007 and select option #3 or send an email to reimbursement@castlebiosciences.com.