More Clarity, Less Ambiguity for Patient Management

The MyPath Melanoma and DiffDx-Melanoma are genomic tests that analyze the biopsy specimen at the molecular level to help inform your diagnosis. It provides you with more accurate and personalized information to help guide decisions about your treatment and ongoing management. They are intended to be used in a patient with mole that cannot be definitely diagnosed as benign or malignant.

How MyPath Melanoma and DiffDx-Melanoma Can Help

The test results are split into three categories: suggestive of benign, intermediate (cannot rule out malignancy), or suggestive of malignant. This information along with all other clinical and pathological findings will assist your pathologist when rendering a diagnosis and guide your healthcare provider in developing the most appropriate treatment plan.

Suggestive of Benign

Suggestive of Benign

Low risk of your mole being cancerous.



Intermediate results cannot be classified as suggestive of benign or suggestive of malignant. Less than 1% of tests produce an indeterminate result, when both MyPath Melanoma and DiffDx-Melanoma are used together.

Suggestive of Malignant

Suggestive of Malignant

High risk of your mole being cancerous.

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